Endocrine surgery

Endocrine Surgery is a surgical super specialty which deals with the diseases of Endocrine glands including – Thyroid, Parathyroid and Adrenal Glands. Currently, there are only very few qualified Endocrine surgeons practicing in India.

Thyroid diseases are extremely common and many at times not appropriately managed. Thyroid gland can be affected by Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Goiters, and Thyroid Cancer. Thyroid surgery has complications like Loss of voice, Hypocalcemia, which can be permanent. Loss of voice following surgery occurs due to injury to the Laryngeal nerves which lie very close to the Thyroid gland. Hypocalcemia is due to injury to the Parathyroid glands which lies very near to the Thyroid gland. These complications of surgery are extremely rare in the hands of a qualified Endocrine surgeon making it a safe Thyroid Surgery. Thyroid cancers require comprehensive care involving an Endocrine surgeon who can modify the surgery according to the risk category of the patient. Advanced cancer care like Prophylactic codon directed surgeries are also done by the qualified Endocrine surgeon.

Parathyroid disease may at times is missed as these patients may have varied presentations like bone pains, recurrent renal stones, psychiatric symptoms (mostly depression), difficulty in climbing stairs suggesting proximal muscle weakness, fracture after trivial trauma, bone swellings and constipation. Endocrine surgeon provides conventional exploration and minimally invasive Parathyroidectomy.

Adrenal tumors form an important correctable cause of Hypertension and the important causes being Pheochromocytoma , Cushing’s Adenoma and Conn’s Adenoma. These are comprehensively managed by the Endocrine surgeon.

Endocrine pancreas can develop tumors like Insulinoma where patient presents with fasting Hypoglycemia along with high serum insulin, corrected with glucose intake. The high rate of association of these tumors with familial setting thereby inducing multi-centricity makes it necessary to seek the aid of intra-operative USG to aid for appropriate surgical procedure.

Endocrine surgeon gives comprehensive care for both benign and malignant breast diseases including conservative breast surgery, Modified radical Mastectomies, sentinel lymph node based auxiliary preservation, breast cancer Chemotherapy and Endocrine therapy